Getting Antibiotics Right

How it works ...

Unlocking Insight from millions of patient consultations to inform clinical decision making 

Analysing structured and unstructured data using Deep Neural Networks and Natural Language Processing

Calibrated and validated by experts​

Providing Realtime, Patient Specific, Probabilistic outputs

Interpretable and Interoperable

Designed by clinicians for clinicians

Why Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial Resistance costs € 1.5 billion / year in Europe and expected to rise to €1 trillion

By 2050, it is expected to be responsible for more deaths than cancer and diabetes combined 


Overuse is the main driver of Antimicrobial Resistance, yet ⅓ of antibiotic prescriptions are inappropriate


Fighting Back Now

Specialist input has been shown to reduce antibiotic prescribing by 30%

AI has the potential to scale expertise and make it available for every prescription

Precision guided feedback changes clinician behaviour 

Improved prescription has been show to shorten admissions, reduce deaths and cut healthcare costs


Our Vision

We believe the potential of Artificial Intelligence can and must transform the practice of medicine today 

Led by practicing clinicians in the national health system, we understand the reality of frontline medicine

Data Security, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance are the cornerstones of our approach

We are committed to ensuring our solutions are transparent, interpretable and clinically validated  

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