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Reshaping Primary Care through Data.

The Abtrace Proactive Monitoring Tool is fully integrated with TPP and EMIS

Our product

Proactively monitors your patients

Eliminates duplication and improves patient safety whilst saving GP time and reducing practice costs.

For patients

โœ“ Protect your health with better monitoring care

โœ“ Stops duplication of tests and appointments, making every visit count

For practice managers

โœ“ Reduces workload through intelligent automation

โœ“ Efficiently drives gold standard monitoring of medications and conditions

For clinical staff

โœ“ Automates local and national KPI achievements

โœ“ Live population views to support achievement from PCN to ICS level

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Register your practice

Our Purpose

From Sick Care to Healthcare

A New Model of Care

Care is shifting from bricks and mortar to virtual and remote providers, but this remains reactive, expensive to deliver and dependent on overstretched staff.

The greatest impact will come where patient records are used for continuous, proactive monitoring, allowing predictive, earlier detection of disease and avoidance of preventable conditions

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