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Proactively monitors your patients

Eliminates duplication and improves patient safety whilst saving GP time and reducing practice costs.

For patients

Protect your health with better monitoring care

Stops duplication of tests and appointments, making every visit count

For practice managers

Reduces workload through intelligent automation

Efficiently drives gold standard monitoring of medications and conditions

For clinical staff

Automates local and national KPI achievements

Live population views to support achievement from PCN to ICS level

Compliant & Safe

We are compliant, certified
& externally tested.

Data security, regulatory compliance and quality assurance are the cornerstones of our approach. Abtrace is committed to transparency and external validation.

GDPR compliant
NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit
Cyber Essentials Plus Certification
ISO27001:2013 Certification
Data Infrastructure penetration tested
ISO13485:2016 Certification
UKCA | CE mark achieved
HSCN connected
DCB0129 Compliant
ICO registered


Patients monitored


GP sites supported

Appointments monitored per week


Patients served


GP sites supported

Appointments monitored per week


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your product safe?

Yes. Data is not shared with any third party and there is strict compliance with all data sharing agreements. Clinical safety is our priority and we ensure attainment of all required NHS standards to the highest level.

Who can use it?

Healthcare assistants, pharmacists, nurses, GPs, receptionists, physician associates, practice managers and admin teams have all used the system to optimise and plan appointments.

How long would it take to go live in a practice?

We have a dedicated team of experts to help practices implement our systems. This depends on the current practice IT system and the Abtrace product you require. Practice setup time is minimal and the product becomes live approximately 24 hours after activation.

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